Age Of Conan Uncut Patch

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Funcom s Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures launched three years ago to its fair share of critical acclaim. Even though the MMO has shipped over a million copies since launch, the commercial success of the IP is not quite what the developer / publisher had hoped.

As such, Funcom has been hard at work implementing a new Free-to-Play / Premium Subscriber / Micro-transaction hybrid strategy in order to better capitalize upon its hard work.

Part of the new monetization scheme is to make the game even more risqué than it already was, doing away with the Mature rating in favor of an uncensored, developer s cut version.

Today, patch 2.6 was released, bringing with it a ton of new content such as an items shop, tweaks to battle and gameplay, and, of course, the ability for players from around the world to download Age of Conan Unchained for free.

Those who take advantage of the free download get access to not only the Unchained version of the original game but also the Rise of the Godslayer expansion which released back in May Age of Conan - RotG expansion trailer. Unfortunately, only one realm in RotG, Gateway to Khitai, is open to F2P players.

Below we ve embedded the re-launch video for Age of Conan Unchained, as well as included a table which gives players a quick overview of what they can expect from either free or premium accounts. There s also a nifty FAQ that answers most questions in greater detail, though we urge you to hop over to the official site through the source link below for that info pssst You can download the game there too..  

Source: Funcom - Age of Conan Unchained Free-to-Play, Patch 2.6 Notes.

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Age of Conan MMO Now Free-to-Play and Uncensored
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