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Art Lutherie labels there guitars by the top wood. They have Here s a quick breakdown of how their serial numbers work Godin started.

Dan Armstrong Ampeg

1969-1971 then 2006 to present

Dan Kent Armstrong 1934-2004 was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started playing the guitar at age 11, and moved to New York in the early 1960s to work as a studio musician and guitar repairman. In 1965 he opened his own guitar repair shop, Dan Armstrong s Guitar Service, on West 48th Street. In 1968 he relocated his shop, renamed Dan Armstrong Guitars, to Laguardia Place in Greenwich Village.

In 1968 the Ampeg Company of Linden, New Jersey hired Armstrong as a consultant to improve their Grammer line of guitars. He designed a new line of guitars and basses that were constructed of clear Plexiglas. These guitars had interchangeable pickups designed by Bill Lawrence who shared the Greenwich Village shop with Armstrong, and eventually took it over when he moved back to London. The guitars had long sustain caused by the solid Plexiglas body. They were heavy at around 10 lbs. A second reissue of the Dan Armstrong guitar was launched in 2006.

Armstrong moved to London in the early 1970s where he developed a new line of electric instruments, amplifiers and effects boxes. The Dan Armstrong London instruments were made of solid Honduran mahogany with sliding low impedance pickups, available as a 6 string guitar, short scale long scale guitars. Armstrong also marketed a line of tube guitar and bass amplifiers, the first amps available with graphic equalization and effects boxes, the Blue Clipper, Yellow Humper, Red Ranger, Purple Peaker, Green Ringer Orange Squeezer. Source: Wikipedia


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Mead : Mead Guitars - cigar box guitars and amplifiers. Meadow. 2009- I began making carbon guitars in Jan/09. They are made in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

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Art Lutherie

Hi all.

Ok, so I picked up a used A L guitar for a really good price under 80. Since I have heard all good things about the Godin company I figured I can t go wrong. I need to put lighter strings on it, and take it in for a setup too, but it plays fine. It looks REALLY cheap tho. Black satin finish, painted on rosette, very little edge binding. It s just not pretty like a normal guitar. I e-mailed Guitarpix to see if he could give some more info on it. I don t really even know what it s make of exactly. According to the website it s Wild cherry back and sides with a solid cedar top. It was made in 2003 according to the serial number. It doesn t look like the new ones do.

Any additional info is appreciated.

Keep Rockin..

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Re: Art Lutherie

Godin make great guitars. I have 3: a Simon Patrick mini jumbo electro-acoustic, a Godin Summit CT and a Richmond Dorchester. They are quality instruments that sound and play brilliantly. Godin make an unrivalled variety of instruments to suit all musical tastes. Of course there are better guitars out there but not at anything like the same price. Canadians make really good gear.  I don t work for the company; I m just a really happy customer.

Sorry I can t help you with your A L zguitar but it looks like you got a bargain; I hope it gives you a lot of pleasure.

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I can t help you out with anything here but did want to say happy NGD.

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Hey Z,  Congrats man.  What does the label say. Art Lutherie labels there guitars by the top wood. They have both cedar and spruce models. They also had recently discontinued a solid laminate model labeled as Wild Cherry. I believe this model had the painted on rosette but they also used it on some earlier solid topped models. The laminate is a quality 3 ply made up of either Wild Cherry/Birch/Wild Cherry or Wild Cherry/Mahogany/Wild Cherry depending on model and year.   1.72 nut width, 24.5 scale length, tusq nut and saddle. I m a big fan of Godin guitars and know the company pretty well if you have any specific questions fire away

Here s a quick breakdown of how their serial numbers work

Godin started using an 8 digit number system in 1993 that works like this:

The first 2 digits: production year

3rd and 4th digits: production week

5th digit: production day ex: 1 Monday, 2 Tuesday etc

Last 3 digits: number of guitar built during that production week.

If the top is questionable, you can look inside with a mirror and check the grain from the bottom since the top is black. Wild cherry has more of a flatsawn appearance where you ll see the straight quartersawn grain if it s cedar or spruce.

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5 2010-06-27 :27

The label says Wild Cherry, Maple, Spruce, Rosewood. So, I guess it s a spruce top. How do i know if its a laminated model or not.

Serial 03063343


6th week 2nd week in Sept.


343rd unit that week

I ve read that A L is the entry level line for Godin.

6 2010-06-27 :07

I would still check the grain from the bottom to be sure the top is spruce. They are listing all the tonewoods used in construction and the spruce could be just for bracing. If you check and the grain is nice and straight than the top is solid. They don t make a laminated spruce or cedar top. Laminate is only for the Wild Cherry which has more of a sprawling grain.

Honestly, I m betting it s the Wild cherry laminate model. No worries though, it s still a great guitar. Laminate gets a bad rap because of the cheap plywood guitars labeled as laminate. Godin uses 3 sheets of solid tonewoods for their laminates and that makes a difference.    The main reason I m inclined to think yours is laminate is the painted on rosette. They used that only for about half a year or so on entry solid topped models, I forget the year but it was early in the companies history.  The inlaying of a rosette is more for structural issues than cosmetics It s to prevent cracks from forming around the soundhole.

7 2010-06-27 :31

Oh, as for A L being the entry line for Godin..  Yea, sort of. Godin is broke down sort of like this: Art Lutherie, Seagull, Norman, then Simon Patrick.  More or less in that order though Norman and S P are pretty even and Seagull has stepped up the last few years with their artist models There is a lot of crossover in the brands though The A L spruce or cedar is the same guitar as the Norman B18 or B20, the S P spruce6/cedar6, and the seagull S6 They are all the same guitar except the Seagull has a 1.8 inch neck and the others are 1.72 inch. A L is the only division to have offered a laminate model. It s a good one though and at 80, even if it is laminate, it s a steal and you got it at about half what they sale for used

8 2010-06-27 :09

Thanks for all the great info Pix

Looking at the inside of the top, the grain looks the same as the inside of back. Kinda wide spread grain. Hard to tell with all the bracing in there. I don t know what it is. I ve seen other A L labels that give of each wood used. Ex. Wild Cherry 50, Maple 33, Walnut 13, Spruce 4. Mine is not like this tho. Wish I could find out for sure what mine is made of.

I e-mailed A L, so maybe they can give me a bit more info.

Any other thoughts Pix.

9 2010-07-23 :03


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I think you ll be happy esp for the price you paid.

I missed out on an A L w/Q1 electronics recently. Wasn t  looking for one but having owned Seagull sister company I knew is was a good deal. Unfortunately someone else knew that also and beat me to it.

Happy NGD.

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