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dark sector patch english dark sector patch english dark sector patch english

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Dark Sector: System Language Protection CD Cover ENGLISH/FRENCH 03-2009 GERMAN 03-2009 Apply the official Dark Sector v1.01 Patch.

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Dark Sector

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dark sector patch english

How to Convert to all English

thegrube  posted on Feb 22, 2009 :30 AM - Report post


To enable english voices:

Go to x: Dark Sector Configs and open DS.cfg

and change

App.Language ru

App.Language en

To enable english menus:

1 - Make a folder called backup in your desktop and copy

H.Misc.cache and H.Misc._ru.cache located on x: Dark

Sector Cache.Windows

2. Then copy H.Misc.cache folder from Cache.Windows to destktop. Now

rename this file Just add _ru at the end

Now H.Misc.cache file, became H.Misc_ru.cache in our desktop.

Copy this file to its original place. Click yes if any overwrite

prompt or question.

YOU SHOULD HAVE TWO 17 MB OF FILES. One of them is H.Misc.cache and

the other is H.Misc_ru.cache

We simply put different names to one file. Then copied to the original place.

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devilangel  posted on Feb 22, 2009 :08 PM - Report post

TNX for helpfull guide

kamsos3  posted on Feb 22, 2009 :10 PM - Report post


Works 100. Thx.

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UNA007  posted on Feb 24, 2009 :00 AM - Report post




ChromeFire  posted on Feb 28, 2009 :36 PM - Report post

It works alright, but only for about 90 of the text. Still some words are missing It says XXXX instead of the word itself. I already found this fix though. Now I hope PWizard gonna create a trainer for this kickass and nice game..

beyzade  posted on Mar 26, 2009 :12 PM - Report post

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Dark Sector, also stylized as darkSector, is a third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

Dark Sector. Message Board for PC version There is still some game glich the some letters is but the whle game and cinematics is in English.

Top free darksector english patch downloads. Our goal is to crack the protection of the DBO Online TW Version files to translate them to english. An English.

dark sector patch english

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