Sansa Media Player Software Download

sansa media player software download

Free Mac Sandisk Sansa Player Shareware and Freeware. Sansa Media Player; Sansa To Pc; Sansa Media Download Sandisk Sansa Player Mac Software.

sansa media player software download

SanDisk Global Customer Care

sansa media player software download

Why is my Sansa player NOT being detected by my computer when I connect it.

This may be caused by one of the following:

1. Minimum system requirements were not met

2. Corrupted drivers

3. Computer restrictions

4. Power issue

5. Bad cable

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To resolve this issue, try the following solutions:

NOTE: If the Sansa is frozen or hung it can prevent the device from being recognized by the computer. First try resetting your Sansa to ensure it is not frozen. see answer ID 188

SOLUTION 1 - For brand new player or first time connecting to this computer.

For Windows XP users: verify the following operating system requirements are met.

- Windows XP SP2 or higher

- Windows Media Player 10 or higher

Download and install the latest Windows Media Player if it s not installed.

For Windows Vista users: If the player is seen in My Computer when using MTP mode, but not showing in Windows Media Player.

- Download the hotfix from

- Run the hotfix.

For Mac users, see Sansa player not recognized by a Mac OS

For Windows 7 8 users: Proceed to Solution 2

NOTE: If you are trying to connect to a Computer at work that is part of a network, there may be user right restrictions that are set to disable access to new hardware or stop any program installations. You may need to check with your IT administrator to see if this is causing the problem.

SOLUTION 2 - Check Cable

When connecting the Sansa to the computer if the screen comes on but does not show Connected on the screen the port is providing power however the data connection is not working. This could be due either to the Cable, PC, or a defective device. Please try using a different cable and connecting to a different PC. If the Sansa still connects and charges but never shows connected on the screen even after trying different PC and cables contact SanDisk support to check warranty status.

SOLUTION 3 - Refresh the driver

STEP 1 - Connect the Sansa player to the PC

The screen on your player should turn on, show Connected and indicate the battery charging or full.

- If the player does NOT turn on try other USB ports or on another computer if one is readily available. Ensure you are connecting directly to the computer USB port and not to a USB hub.

- Refer to MTP Device Cannot Start code 10  if you get this error message

- If there is nothing showing on the screen and the player does show up in as a storage device in an explorer window, then the screen is just NOT working.

- If you receive the error USB Device Not Recognized  on the computer, the player is most likely failed. Additional troubleshooting is unlikely to correct the problem.

Note: If you experience either of the 2 issues above the issue is likely hardware related. Contact SanDisk technical support to check warranty status.

STEP 2 - Check under Device Manager

1. Open the Computer Management Console

Accessing the Computer Management Console

2. Click Device Manager on the left pane.

NOTE: Sansa MP3 Players can connect to your computer in MSC or MTP mode. Exceptions are Sansa Connect and Sansa Express which only use MTP mode. MTP mode is the recommended and default method for Sansa Players when used with Windows OS.

The Sansa player will show up on Device Manager s right pane as:

1. USB Mass Storage device if the player is set to MSC

2. Portable Device if the player is set to MTP mode

If there is a yellow exclamation point . or question mark . beside the device, try to refresh the drivers. 

STEP 3 - Refresh the drivers

1. Right-click the entry with the error mark, select Uninstall.

2. On the top menu, click Action then select Scan for hardware changes.

NOTE: If a device with yellow exclamation point . continually appears and disappears, then the player is most likely failed. Additional troubleshooting is unlikely to correct the problem.

SOLUTION 4 - Connect using MSC mode

Connecting in MSC mode will help determine if there is a problem with MTP mode or with the Auto Detect mode feature of the player. You can use Forced MSC mode or switch the player settings to MSC.

Instructions to connect in Forced MSC mode are listed here:


Instructions to switch player to MSC mode are listed here:

If the player is detected in MSC mode but not when set to MTP mode, try to update or reinstall the Sansa firmware

NOTE: Sansa Express and Sansa Connect do not have MSC mode. For Sansa Connect you can try reinstalling the firmware using the Connect Recovery Mode.

Additional troubleshooting notes:

If you have replaced the Sansa Player and you still have problems getting it to recognize in the computer, then you may need to try some additional troubleshooting.

- Try connecting on another computer.

- Try using a different USB cable

- Try connecting to the back USB ports which may supply better power.

- If only MTP mode is NOT working, try reinstalling Windows Media Player

- For Windows XP, install Windows Media Player 11.

  • Download and install the Sansa Media Converter application 1. Connect your Sansa player to Click Start then go to Programs SanDisk Sansa Updater Sansa.
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The Sansa Media Converter application is available via the Sansa Firmware Updater, an application designed to deliver the latest software support, User s Manuals, and product firmware right to your desktop.

Note: The Sansa media converter and Sansa Firmware updater are available for Windows operating systems only. These software applications are not available for MAC.

STEP 1 - Download and install Sansa Firmware Updater

STEP 2 - Download and install the Sansa Media Converter application

1. Connect your Sansa player to the PC.  The Sansa Firmware Updater should launch automatically.

1a. OPTIONAL: Click Start then go to Programs SanDisk Sansa Updater Sansa Updater to run the installer manually.

2. Click to select the Sansa Media Converter check box, and then click Download Now.

3. Click Finish.

STEP 3 - Launch the Sansa Media Converter application

Click Start then go to Programs SanDisk Sansa Updater Sansa Media Converter.

Note: If you are having issues downloading the Sansa Media converter check your firewall settings and ensure the Sansa Firmware updater has permission to access the Internet.

Sansa media converter free download - Nidesoft Sansa Video Converter 2.3: Sandisk Sansa e200 series is the smallest portable video player Articles sansa media.

sansa media player software download

Supported via the Sansa Media Converter software Sansa Fuze Media Player supports MP3, WMA, Please download the Sansa Updater Application.