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Driving in the U.S. requires a valid U.S. driver s license and sufficient driver s insurance. Insurance requirements vary by state. Your insurance must meet the requirements for the state in which you reside. If you own a vehicle, there are additional requirements.

In Texas, driver s licenses are managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

If you have a valid license from your home country and your country recognizes an equivalent U.S. license as valid, you may drive up to one year on the out-of-country license.

To get a Texas driver s license you will take written and driving exams and show proof of insurance.

NOTE: F-1 students whose Optional Practical Training OPT Employment Authorization Document EAD has expired, but are pending approval of either a 17-Month OPT Extension or H-1B Cap-Gap Relief,  will be unable to renew their  license until the new status is approved.


Parking at UT Dallas

You are required to purchase and properly display a valid UT Dallas parking permit if you will park a car on campus. This requirement also applies to parking at:

University Village apartments

University Commons residence halls.

Our IDD is an unofficial translation of your Driver s License in two formats: A Translation Card, translating your permit in 16 languages, and a Translation Booklet, translating your Driver s License in 9 languages. These unofficial documents will help you overcome language differences when traveling. As a complementary feature, our advanced translation card saves a digital copy of your valid Driving Permit in your Smartphone. Amazing. International driving permits, which are booklets issued by governmental agencies or private organizations designated by a country s government, are the only official translation of a person s driver s license. Our translation has no official status and does not confer any legal privileges or rights on consumers.

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International Translation of National Driver

Card or Texas Driver s License. or a document issued by the United States Citizenship and Status verification letter from International Student Services.

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Apply for a Texas Driver License. Individuals applying for a Texas driver license must: Gather documents that verify their: identity and.

texas driver license international student

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