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This is XP SP3 serial key : HRCXT-BY6WB-VBM83-CMBXF-BVWYY Enjoy

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July 13, 2011 at PM

Windows xp keys

Hey i found this great site offering Windows XP Pro, Sp2, Sp3 Keys, here s the link:

All keys working - tested

March 10, 2012 at AM

Windows XP Keys

Working Windows XP SP2, SP3, PRO Keys this is link:

All Keys are tested..

March 28, 2012 at PM


doesn t work. Don t waste your time.

April 29, 2012 at AM

This is rong key please don t put in your compter.don t waste your time.

June 12, 2012 at AM


Thanks, it is working

July 3, 2012 at AM


ya its working thanks. .u guys would like to join for latest news and article in field of science and technology

July 4, 2012 at AM




July 5, 2012 at AM


does anyone have working key of windows xp service pack 3 please. .


August 6, 2012 at PM

sp3 key any1: iphone

August 13, 2012 at AM

ali raza arain


August 23, 2012 at PM

I use all keys but all keys are not working fine.. Waste.. So please don t use this keys..

August 28, 2012 at PM

Siva Veluri

Nice share..:

Thank you.

August 29, 2012 at PM

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September 18, 2012 at AM


thanks this is working..

September 21, 2012 at AM


One at top works for SP3.

October 11, 2012 at AM

toko antik


Chan Keith

I have the OEM licence but the dealer did not give me the installation disc. Borrowed a friend s disc but my licence key won t work. Hate Microsoft very much.

October 20, 2012 at PM

Sukamal Ghosh

Thanks bro.

Nice info.

It s working

October 26, 2012 at PM

doesn t work.

October 28, 2012 at AM


thanx, bro.

November 30, 2012 at PM


1. i downloaded xp sp 3 from their official web site


2. used winRAR to un rar it.

3. double clicked on autorun.

4. it installed xp sp3 without asking for any key etc.

December 3, 2012 at AM


what say.

this is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

dona juli

thank s it works

December 4, 2012 at AM

its working

December 5, 2012 at PM


Je met à disposition sure mon blog une version corporate de Windows XP Pro SP3 qui ne nécessite aucune clé d activation un crack qui vous permettra faire les mise à jour Windows Update :

December 10, 2012 at AM

hey this key is 100 working guys.

December 12, 2012 at PM

hackerlife caroline

Hi i share with you 2000 Windows Xp key Active

Hacked in windows hope this will help you

link here :

December 16, 2012 at AM

lk softi

Salut a vous je suis venus partager avec vous les précieuse cle Windows xp vista seven 8 SP1 SP2 SP3 Plus de 1000 clé Hacker et fonctionnel Bon telechargement a vous lien ici :

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December 25, 2012 at PM


December 28, 2012 at AM

i dont regret why opened this page coz i fnd what i was looking for during 1h, thnx so much, you re doing a very good job

January 6, 2013 at AM


You can download Windows Seven here with the patch Remove WAT for activation :

January 11, 2013 at AM

isaac quayson

thanks for ur help.

January 20, 2013 at PM

works well.

Thank you :

February 1, 2013 at AM

ill try this. .tnx for sharing..

February 4, 2013 at AM


its workingthanks

February 10, 2013 at AM

thanx the key is working

February 10, 2013 at PM

thank s

February 21, 2013 at PM


any one xp3 pro key friend


February 22, 2013 at PM

Fantsatica Rather amuzing Thanking you :

February 25, 2013 at PM


Thanks it s working

February 27, 2013 at PM


I need a product key and it turned out just right. Thanks you so much

March 9, 2013 at PM


hey, thanks for source. do you have a activator for xp sp3.



Thanks man

March 11, 2013 at AM

thanks guys it worked for me. You are the best

March 11, 2013 at PM

merci merci merci ; pour le code

March 13, 2013 at PM

Jam Tangan Alexandre Christie

thanks for the key :D

March 21, 2013 at AM

Unik Aneh

ok, thank you

pour xp pro sp3

March 24, 2013 at PM

chakri arikapudi

yes its working dude

March 28, 2013 at PM

SmokeAt WeeD

Thanks : Man its the Best Key Site :D

March 31, 2013 at AM

Thanks man worked great

April 5, 2013 at PM

thanks alot

April 7, 2013 at AM

thanks a lot

April 9, 2013 at PM

keys don t work anymore at the site

April 14, 2013 at PM


April 16, 2013 at AM

anybody got a key for XP service pack 3

My system crashed and will not accept old one

April 17, 2013 at AM

Thanks works fine

April 21, 2013 at AM

please i want the serial key of abbyy finereader pro 11

April 22, 2013 at AM


nice one pals of legend hackerz

April 23, 2013 at PM

key won t work

April 26, 2013 at PM

Vaqih Van Java

Terima kasih untuk serial number diatas, karena serial number dari CD XP saya salah T_T

May 3, 2013 at AM

thankyou.. :D

May 6, 2013 at AM

Tnx, it really workx

May 9, 2013 at PM

Sorry fellas it doesn t work for my win xp pro sp3

May 14, 2013 at AM

Suresh Chaudhari

Yes It worked well and fine

May 19, 2013 at AM

Prediksi Bola

May 30, 2013 at AM

It is working windows xp prof. Service pack 3. And its works like a charm.

May 30, 2013 at PM

This key does NOT work for SP3 if it is newer than the 2002 release.

June 4, 2013 at AM

if you want real and working xp sp3, email me at cheaperhost, but don t expect it s free. at least it s really working.

June 10, 2013 at PM

Sajedul Haque

Windows XP Professional SP3 Serial Keys

June 13, 2013 at AM

how can I get windows 7 key

Works great tnx

June 19, 2013 at AM


June 24, 2013 at AM

Thank you very much, it works great.

June 29, 2013 at AM

Hahahahahaha Thnx A Hackin Lot.

July 17, 2013 at AM


Thank you very much. .


July 31, 2013 at AM


August 8, 2013 at AM


It s worked.

September 12, 2013 at PM

works mate

Still works. Thanks

September 18, 2013 at AM

Thanks a lot, its working and saved my a

September 21, 2013 at PM

its no wrking on sp3 profesional

September 25, 2013 at AM

Not working.

September 27, 2013 at PM

Does NOT work.

October 4, 2013 at AM

thanks it.s working

October 5, 2013 at AM

worked 100 dankz

October 15, 2013 at PM

Still working on a Portuguese Win XP SP3 install.

Tks a lot. :

October 17, 2013 at PM

it works. Thx

October 23, 2013 at PM

worked thanks

October 28, 2013 at PM

it,s working fine

November 2, 2013 at AM

krishna shiva

Dear sir

Please give me xp windows service pack 3 product key

November 4, 2013 at AM

November 5, 2013 at AM

Silviu Preda

Please give me xp windows last service pack 3 product key

November 6, 2013 at AM

Randal Olson

I s there a way to reinstall Windows XP OEM to another computer. My gen key doesn t work.

November 9, 2013 at AM

Microsoft Windows Xp Professional latest key: VMV73-TBBD3-RVFW-Q6Q4X-TYT86

November 28, 2013 at PM

rachid lafhil

Thank you, this keys works fine

December 18, 2013 at PM

Yes, first key of BHARAT REKEDAR work fine

Thank you very much guyss

December 28, 2013 at AM

Legend mar gaye kya dono.

December 29, 2013 at AM

ghanta works

January 27, 2014 at PM

February 18, 2014 at PM


Worked for me. Cheers

February 28, 2014 at PM



March 6, 2014 at AM

i just formatted my laptop and the product key aint workin dos anyone no wat i can do.

March 6, 2014 at PM

Jeremy Houston

I tried the serials given above and they are not working. You are just gonna waste your time However, I already found the working text file of working serial keys, and I guarantee it is working. So for you not to waste any time looking for it, i will share it here.

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Enjoy guys. :

March 10, 2014 at PM

please give me key for xpsp3 hp disc

March 31, 2014 at AM

Stacy Oliver

Does anyone have a product key for microsoft windows xp pro service pack 3. I have searched high and low and I am not having any luck. Thank you


April 2, 2014 at PM

Md. Asif Rabbi

Very Informative Post. Thanks for sharing.

--- Windows XP Activator Guaranteed XP Activation

May 3, 2014 at AM

Works wonders, Wow.

May 9, 2014 at PM

01. T7C4Q-47VGM-R7J6B-VPJ84-JPJ93










11. V2C47 - MK7JD - 3R89F - D2KXW - VPK3J



14. C626F-H4CCJ-PWR8R-2RB9K-3G3HD

15. J3GMD-RMM3Q-HKC62-TV8Y8-246Q3

May 19, 2014 at AM

May 27, 2014 at AM

That. reg file above works no longer

Wich one of the above keys are working today.

Most of the volume licence keys are banned by Micro oft

June 2, 2014 at AM

pavan Pavan








June 4, 2014 at PM

Can someone provide me vista ultimate 32 bit cd key

June 7, 2014 at AM

Most of these say they arent rel period, do i need to be offline to use them or does that matter.

June 16, 2014 at PM

Oman FumetsuIndonesia

100 bekerja,, Thank a lot Buat ADMIN : : :

June 29, 2014 at AM

This key 14 Julie 2014:HRCXT-BY6WB-VBM83-CMBXF-BVWYY work for me windows xp SP3.Thanks Admin.

July 14, 2014 at AM

Zubair Ismail

hy bro Product Key For Windows XP free download is an awesome post i never seen post like this thanks alot bro for this great and latest sharing. keep on sharing posts like this :

July 18, 2014 at PM

Fine bt outdated.

August 9, 2014 at AM

Nothing works. no keys work. don t waste your time.

August 15, 2014 at AM

Sana Ur Rehman

Nice Post Admin. Please Keep it Up : Product Key for Windows XP Activation

August 17, 2014 at PM

Rana Ali

Product Key for Windows XP SP3 Thanks for sharing such a nice article

August 31, 2014 at AM

Nice Post Admin. Please Keep it Up : Windows XP SP3 Product Key

September 2, 2014 at PM

Rich Bunnell

I want to everyone try this It great work. Hope can help you.

September 11, 2014 at PM

gr8 sp3 key is working

September 28, 2014 at AM

October 5, 2014 at PM

thank you it worked winxp pro sp3 pro key

October 9, 2014 at AM



October 12, 2014 at AM

you guys fucking suck

October 21, 2014 at AM

Twanna Manuel

You can download this It s good site,highly recommend.

October 30, 2014 at PM

Thank you, but this does not work, I re-bought one in This site is very good, recommend it to you.

November 1, 2014 at AM

Jonny Wand

Download Windows 7 Keygen free working here:

November 2, 2014 at AM

Julie Lyons

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November 6, 2014 at AM

Margret Hoyt

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November 7, 2014 at PM

Justin Jones

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November 9, 2014 at PM

Richard Esquivel

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November 10, 2014 at AM

Software Free Download

How the Hacker develops Free Download Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 July 2011 SATA Genuine Activated..

December 2, 2014 at PM

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This is all serial numbers for all editions of win XP

December 3, 2014 at AM

Melia Ferna

Ladies and gentlemen, look towards me, I m here to share with you in, after buying a windows xp sp3 key, and store owners were very kind, very affordable prices, and secret key with no problem until now, can also be of interest to you to see well, strongly recommended.

December 16, 2014 at PM

Vicky Ou

If you need windows activation key, you can click to download.

December 25, 2014 at AM


Thanks for Sharing this. some of keys are not working. Salman Khan Wallpapers

January 6, 2015 at PM

Thomas Anderson

Thanks for informing about Win Xp serial key. Keep your system updated with windows free software apps utilities pc

January 13, 2015 at AM

Hina jan

Excellent Post windows xp professional sp3 product key free download

January 25, 2015 at AM

Great Post Admin windows xp professional sp3 serial key

marry jane

windows xp professional sp3 serial key is a very useful. thankful for this posting.

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January 26, 2015 at AM

julia borden

windows xp professional sp3 serial key is very helpful and this is very nice sharing.

Download Free Software

February 2, 2015 at PM

Ali Ahmed

Now a days it is very hard to find Windows XP Service Pack 3 32 Bit iso Full Download. Thanks

February 21, 2015 at AM


Windows Xp Product keys more

windows xp keys free copy

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windows xp service pack keys free copy

February 23, 2015 at PM

Wisnu Raharto

Thanks broo

February 25, 2015 at PM

windows xp sp3 iso

thanks for sharing

March 2, 2015 at AM


Can anyone please give me a working product key for windows xp service pack 3

March 8, 2015 at PM

April 7, 2015 at PM

Thanks for adding the Windows xp sp3 key..

Samsung Galaxy S6

April 17, 2015 at AM

Thanks for the key

May 1, 2015 at AM


Cool thanks bro.

May 26, 2015 at PM

Working key. Thanks u.

June 7, 2015 at PM


work fine.thanks.

June 10, 2015 at AM

how the fuck i tried entering keys from all over the internet for the past 2 hours obviously tried other ways. it says retry.. fucccckkkkk..


June 13, 2015 at PM

Aman Ranjan Thakur

thanx man. .it worked for sp3 pro..

June 17, 2015 at AM

Thanks Man. It Worked :

June 17, 2015 at PM

Right, any got WORKING key for XP Pro Corporate

June 27, 2015 at AM

Avery Lilliard


July 1, 2015 at AM

Thx u much.

working ok

Clash Of Clans YT

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August 17, 2015 at AM

First key works perfectly.

Many thanks

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Araceli Tranjki

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August 27, 2015 at PM


doesnt fucking work

August 29, 2015 at AM

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September 1, 2015 at AM

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September 5, 2015 at AM

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Dani Rao

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